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Our Learn from the Legacy Golf Programmes include:


The Grand Old Man of Golf  Programme

Young Tommy Morris Programme

Willie Park Programme


The game of golf provides the perfect platform to instil the valuable social values that children require to succeed in a modern-day society.

Our ‘Learn from the Legacy’ Golf Programmes provide children 8 -12 years of age in Scotland with a fun, educational journey of discovery through the legacy of our Scottish golfing pioneers.

Our ‘Learn from the Legacy’ Golf Programmes

Our programmes make an excellent resource for golf clubs to empower their current junior members on our golfing heritage creating a better appreciation for the game of golf they enjoy today. They also provide the perfect platform for golf clubs to engage with the local community to help attract new children to the game of golf.

We encourage family interaction throughout our programmes to spend time together in an outdoor environment helping to create memories that last a lifetime.

Delivery of the Educational Experiences

  • All our programmes are delivered by the Trust’s Education Ambassador (6 hours)
  • A golf coach lesson plan, children’s group learning activity booklets.
  • Certification and collateral for children on the day of delivery.
  • Fun problem-solving golf themed activities for children to complete.
  • The platform to introduce the final piece of the golf education we provide children in Scotland.
  • A fun, educational insight into our famous Scottish golf pioneers and highlight the contribution they made towards the game of golf and our cultural heritage.
  • All our programmes are delivered within a safe environment for children.

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