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A sad day as we present our last 2019-2020 programme due to COVID-19

Friday 20th March 2020 will be remembered by many children as the day they said goodbye to their classmates and teachers for the last time, a time not of their choosing but out of necessity.

It was an emotional day for all the staff and the pupils at Glenburn Primary School in Prestwick following the Government’s announcement of the closure of all schools because of the virus pandemic. Having been at Glenburn previously, this was our final visit this year and we were delighted to deliver our Self Confidence [Young Tommy Morris of St Andrews ) programme to the P7 children. Given the circumstances they fully embraced learning about Young Tommy and the life skills he displayed.

It’s tough times ahead for all. The Trust is no different. There will be more news to follow so please watch out for our posts on Facebook and Twitter, but we desperately need more donations to be able to continue this ground-breaking programme of education in our schools. This virus has set us a new challenge and like Young Tommy we will persevere to overcome it.