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Another 63 children educated at Loanhead Primary School…

We had been looking forward to introducing Scottish golfing pioneer Young Tommy Morris of St Andrews to Loanhead Primary School this week… the life skills he used to transform the modern game of golf were going to be delivered to 63 P 6 / 7 children across 2 days.

We were delighted with the results to say the least. The impact assessment forms were wholly supportive of the ability of this programme to change the way in which children approach the challenges which lie ahead of them in life.

Here’s a quote from Mrs Wallace, Loanhead’s P6 teacher:

“The Self-Confidence programme the Tommy’s Honour Education Trust provides teaches children about Young Tommy Morris, a national treasure and the life skills he displayed which are transferable to daily life. Truly inspiring! ”

What an honour it was to use Tommy’s legacy to educate, empower and inspire these P 6 / 7 children from Loanhead Primary School to follow their dreams like Tommy Morris and to never give up. #Makingmyownway

The children ended the day’s programme by reading out a poem about Young Tommy.