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Ground-breaking schools project delivered in Prestwick, the Birthplace of the Open Championship

We’re delighted to have completed the Prestwick Schools Impact Assessment Document, bringing together all of the amazing work delivered at the four Primary Schools there in March this year. It was truly inspirational, teaching Primary 6 and 7 children who are at the same age as Young Tommy Morris was when he started to develop his interest in golf, running around the links course his father had built over the dunes at Prestwick. Look where following his dream took him in just a short space of time… youngest ever winner of the Open Championship, and 4 times his name on the winner’s list.

Please click on the link below to learn more about how we can help change children’s lives and give them the belief to chase their dreams.

Prestwick Schools Impact Assessment Document – March 2020









It’s also worth marking a milestone this month in the history of our charity. It was 5 years ago on the 15th April that our Founder, William Lumsden, decided that he had to go to St Andrews and to Old Tom Morris’ house overlooking the 18th green of the Old Course. He just felt that it was that day he needed to knock on the door and tell Mrs Sheila Walker (OTM’s great great grand daughter) about what he had unearthed about Young Tommy and his wife, Margaret Drinnen, from his home town of Whitburn. Maybe she and the family could throw some more light on their history?

He’d never been there.

He did not know the owner.

He just had a thought that this was important to do.

The rest is history.

Thoughts are things.

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A sad day as we present our last 2019-2020 programme due to COVID-19

Friday 20th March 2020 will be remembered by many children as the day they said goodbye to their classmates and teachers for the last time, a time not of their choosing but out of necessity.

It was an emotional day for all the staff and the pupils at Glenburn Primary School in Prestwick following the Government’s announcement of the closure of all schools because of the virus pandemic. Having been at Glenburn previously, this was our final visit this year and we were delighted to deliver our Self Confidence [Young Tommy Morris of St Andrews ) programme to the P7 children. Given the circumstances they fully embraced learning about Young Tommy and the life skills he displayed.

It’s tough times ahead for all. The Trust is no different. There will be more news to follow so please watch out for our posts on Facebook and Twitter, but we desperately need more donations to be able to continue this ground-breaking programme of education in our schools. This virus has set us a new challenge and like Young Tommy we will persevere to overcome it.


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King for a day – well, two.

We were delighted to receive such a fantastic welcome on Wed & Thurs last week from the staff and the primary 6 pupils from Kingcase Primary School in Prestwick. It was a privilege for us to deliver our unique Self Confidence (Young Tommy Morris of St Andrews) Programme to the P6 children who fully embraced all the learning activities that we presented to them.

Through teamwork they discovered about their golfing heritage in Prestwick, the birthplace of the Open Championship and 2nd on the list of venues to have hosted the Open the most times. They became empowered with a gained knowledge about Young Tommy’s legacy and the life skills he displayed to transform the game of golf. They were all inspired to follow their own path in life.

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Press coverage for ground-breaking Prestwick programme

Delighted to see coverage in the local press for Prestwick’s programmes this week – the smaller magazine, Prestwick Going Out, which is hand-delivered to 8,000 homes and businesses and also the Ayrshire Post where we featured in its News Section this week. This local paper has a circulation of around 20,000 so whilst we hope everyone saw the article, perhaps those that did and have children who enjoyed our Learn from the Legacy programme will make the connection!

Thanks to the Editors for helping us by printing our story. It is indeed ground-breaking work we are doing.

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Glenburn Primary School embracing the programme

I had the good fortune to be able to witness our programme in action at Glenburn Primary School in Prestwick, the third of the primary schools our Life Skills Programme has been delivered to. It was a chilly day so the games took place inside the main hall, which was useful as the initial introduction explained on PowerPoint how Prestwick’s children are growing up in one of the most important historical locations in the world of sport.

Watching William in action is an eye-opener. The passion and knowledge he imparts to the children from the first minute he addresses them is clearly visible and the responses from the children were quick and enthusiastic. The children learned that they are now about the same age as Young Tommy Morris was when he began to play golf with rudimentary cut-down clubs amongst the dunes of the course his father had laid out at Prestwick. Young Tommy had the advantage of being schooled at Ayr Academy unlike many other children of his age back then. He walked from Prestwick Cross to Ayr and back every day, a distance none of the children gathered experienced regularly by foot.

The speed at which some of the children’s teams completed some of the tasks was balanced by not reading the questions properly, and this was a useful leveler amongst them all as it will be something that becomes more important to them the older they get. We’re currently applying for grants to keep the charity going and continue this great work, and it’s often been a reminder when completing forms to “Read the guidance, then read the guidance again, then read it again then answer the questions in the guidance then get someone to check it through to see if it really answers the questions”.

Willie’s vision works.

The impact assessment forms from the schools show that we are providing a catalyst for change, enhancing the children’s knowledge of how our golfing pioneers were also a force of change in their sport and how being able to draw on key life skills will be fundamentally important to each and every one of them as they progress through their life.

You can help make a difference – go to our home page at, scroll down to the bottom and click on Donate – it’s a quick and simple way to ensure that William’s vision can continue to deliver change and opportunity for children.


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LowPort Primary School joins the growing list of schools to benefit from the Trust’s programmes

We would like to offer our thanks to all the staff and the P 6/7 pupils from @LowPortPS in Linlithgow for a truly fantastic few days. It was an honour for us to educate, empower the children from the legacy of Young Tommy Morris and inspire them to achieve higher aspirations. The weather stayed chilly so we made full use of the hall for the two days and the children really got involved: an exceptionally personable and polite group of children who were a joy to work with.

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Happy days at Heathfield

“P6M enjoyed an inspirational day focused on developing their life skills whilst learning all about the inspiring young Tommy Morris and our local golfing heritage. A huge thank you to William from Tommy’s Honour Education Trust for a fantastic day!”

The opportunity to educate the P6 and P7 classes at Heathfield Primary, the largest in the town, was fantastic and as you can see from the Twitter feed quote above, the school were delighted with the results. A great way to finish the week.

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Following in Monkton’s famous footsteps

A day’s visit to Monkton Primary School on the 6th March saw us walking in not just our Pioneer’s footsteps but also one from Monkton’s famous past. John Wilson was a teacher at Monkton School when he won the very first Scottish Amateur Golf Championship in St Andrews in 1922 over the Old Course. John then won it again in 1931 at Prestwick Golf Course.


John was cited in the local paper as having been chastised by the local council for having taken time off his work to attend golf events! He certainly knew how to play, and as a member of local Club Prestwick St Nicholas (whose founding members included Old Tom Morris) he won many of the Club trophies in his time.

Thank you to the school who thoroughly embraced the opportunity to light the fire of life skills in the children.





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Here’s how our Programme makes a difference…

We’ve received the impact assessment sheets from Loanhead Primary School, and we’ve picked a random selection of the comments which the children made after our programme had been delivered.

Remember, prior to our visit these children knew nothing about Young Tommy Morris, or his father, nor their place in Scottish and global history: the curriculum does not promote their achievements, nor recognise the challenges they had to overcome to make their own way in life. With help from your donations, we can bring these lessons to life and give all children the tools to chase their dreams.

The children were asked What is the most important knowledge you have learned today?

“Don’t let people tell you that you can’t achieve your goals”   Jaden, 9 years old

When people ask you what you want to be, rather than say ‘I would like to be’ say that ‘I am going to be'”   Rachel, 9 years old

“That to never give up on chasing your dreams like Tommy”   Emily-Jane, 10 years old

“Use self-confidence and resilience to never give up and believe in yourself”   Julia, 10 years old

“To follow your own path in life and don’t let people bring you down”   Caitlyn, 10 years old

Below is a link to a short video offered by the P7 class teacher, Mrs Burton, to help summarise the effect it had on the children that day… you can hear in the background that they were still highly motivated by the experience!

Loanhead Primary School – P7 teacher Mrs Burton

A short video to affirm the impact of the programme on Mrs Burton’s P7 class at Loanhead Primary School, Feb 2020

Mr Nelson – Learning classroom assistant

“The children in Primary 6 were thrilled to learn about Young Tommy Morris, a lost Scottish hero. William’s passion for the Tommy’s Honour Education Trust is infectious and this was shared by all the children as they discovered about a forgotten national treasure”

Mrs Wallace – P6 Class teacher

“The experience teaches the children about a Scottish golfing pioneer and life skills which are transferable to daily life. Truly inspiring!”





By supporting the Trust you can help us make a difference and enable us to bring empowerment to all children, giving them the chance to make their own way in life. Look for the Donate button on our home page and be part of something ground-breaking for education and golf.

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What do the children receive after one of our Programmes?

Here’s an example of the Self-Confidence certificate which the children are presented with at the end of the course, signed by the Charity’s founder, William Lumsden, and also signed on the day by their teacher.








Something to look back upon when they make their own way in the world.

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Another 63 children educated at Loanhead Primary School…

We had been looking forward to introducing Scottish golfing pioneer Young Tommy Morris of St Andrews to Loanhead Primary School this week… the life skills he used to transform the modern game of golf were going to be delivered to 63 P 6 / 7 children across 2 days.

We were delighted with the results to say the least. The impact assessment forms were wholly supportive of the ability of this programme to change the way in which children approach the challenges which lie ahead of them in life.

Here’s a quote from Mrs Wallace, Loanhead’s P6 teacher:

“The Self-Confidence programme the Tommy’s Honour Education Trust provides teaches children about Young Tommy Morris, a national treasure and the life skills he displayed which are transferable to daily life. Truly inspiring! ”

What an honour it was to use Tommy’s legacy to educate, empower and inspire these P 6 / 7 children from Loanhead Primary School to follow their dreams like Tommy Morris and to never give up. #Makingmyownway

The children ended the day’s programme by reading out a poem about Young Tommy.







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Even more schools are coming on board…

We attended some more fantastic meetings at the end of January: word of its potential to change lives is spreading quickly, and we are now looking forward to visiting Low Port Primary School in Linlithgow on the 9th & 10th of March, and Kirknewton Primary School on the 30th March.

We are looking forward to educating, empowering and inspiring their P 6 / 7 pupils using the legacy of one of Scotland’s national sporting pioneers, Young Tommy Morris of St Andrews.

Kirknewton Primary School





Low Port Primary School

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Next on the tee – Livingston Village Primary School

It was a real pleasure educating and empowering the P7 Pioneers of the Future from Livingston Village Primary School on the 13th February. They were taken on a fun, engaging journey of discovery through our Self-Confidence (Young Tommy Morris of St Andrews) life skills programme.

A big thank you to headteacher Mrs Mills, class teacher Mrs Brodie and the year 4 group mentors from the local Academy. The P7 pupils were a credit to the school and it was a pleasure inspiring them using the legacy of one of Scotland’s greatest sporting pioneers, Young Tommy Morris of St Andrews.

A few of the images from the day are shown below. When the weather outside is not so great, we can still deliver a full programme inside too!

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Over 400 children have now learned about Young Tommy

Winter is a time to refocus your plans for the coming year. We tee’d off 2020 with promoting the Self-Confidence (Young Tommy Morris of St Andrews) life skills programmes within the Primary Schools of Prestwick, funded by the kind donations made as we completed the Pioneers of the Past Golf Challenge in 2019.

Young Tommy started young

Young Tommy Morris began to learn the game at the same age as those children in Prestwick who will be taught about him.

The Head Teachers of Prestwick were immediately interested in our ability to deliver the key life skills of our programme to their Primary 6 and Primary 7 children across the 4 schools in the town.  It’s a great fit with the cornerstones of the Curriculum for Excellence.

The connection between the children being the same as age as Young Tommy was when he began to learn the game of golf was not lost on them – the way in which he had to make his own way in Victorian society, standing up for himself and his abilities, is a tremendous role model for the children, and in a town where they are continually reminded of the importance of golfing history his story is one with which they will immediately connect.

The Tommy’s Honour Education Trust will be in Prestwick’s schools week commencing Monday 2nd March to bring our Self-Confidence programme to almost 250 children.

Young Tommy would be delighted we’re sure to see how his legacy will inspire, empower and educate today’s Prestwick children.

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The long and winding fairways… a successful day for The Challenge







It’s dark at 03:20 on the 25th July.

Properly dark… not even the hint of a sunrise and yet this is only a month after the longest day?

Not sure if you were aware of that? I certainly wasn’t. I don’t tend to be padding about at that time of the morning, and for our eight golfers who were taking on the Pioneers of the Past Golf Challenge, it wasn’t their normal waking time either. Yet here they all were, in the car park at Prestwick Golf Club and (after some caffeine) standing at the Cairn which marks the location of the opening tee shot during the 1860 Open Championship. The great, great Grandson of Sir James Ogilvy Fairlie is an Honorary Trustee of the Tommy’s Honour Education Trust and Dominic drew the lucky straw (he’s a member at Prestwick GC, so he knows where the first fairway is, even at 04:35) to hit the Opening drive of the Challenge. Needless to say, he aimed straight and true and found the fairway.

The Challenge quickly gathered pace, although some additional challenges presented themselves by starting so early. Yes, the light, although by 5am you could see pretty much everything. Including the sprinklers. Yes at this time of the morning, when golfers are usually tucked up in beds, the sprinklers are doing their work and given that it was predicted to be the hottest day of the year the golf course was going to be thirsty. The view across the links was one of numerous  fountains, and of course you can’t be sure where one is going to pop up next! Needless to say, thank goodness it was a warm day as it helped dry some of the teams out quickly!

Come 7am, and some interesting experiences (if you’ve ever been left with a shot in the 17th’s Sahara bunker that’s 1 foot off the vertical timbers and you’re playing it with the sleepers at your back…) the teams clambered aboard the cars and minibus (donated very kindly by Muirfield Travel) and headed off to Musselburgh Links.

As Prestwick is known as the Home of the Open Championship, so Musselburgh Links is known as the Cradle of Golf because so many past Champions have originated from there. The course itself is 9 holes and played almost entirely within the bounds of the horse racing track at Musselburgh. It’s a famous venue to play with hickory-shafted clubs as it has changed little since the Challenge matches were played there between Morris and Park and their families. Our teams mixed up compared to their pairings at Prestwick, and by the end of the day, everyone had been able to share the company of everyone else. Our Professionals were David Fleming of Prestwick GC, Norman Huguet of Musselburgh GC and Martyn Huish of North Berwick GC. Our guests were Clara Young (past Member of Scottish Golf National Team), Mark Richardson (Secretary, The New Golf Club of St Andrews), Chic Harper (Past Captain, The New Golf Club of St Andrews) and Dominic Fairlie (as mentioned above) – and of course, our Founder and the brainchild behind The Challenge, William Lumsden.

Musselburgh’s 9 holes completed, it was off to the West Links at North Berwick and to play the course which saw the last meeting between Old Tom and his great friend and rival Willie Park. Hugging the coastal dunes, the West Links are full of swales, undulations and drystone dykes (walls) which originate from the early days of the links when the land was divided up into strips for the grazing of sheep by different farmers or land owners. Needless to say, dealing with a stone wall across your line when a long, low second shot to the green is required… well, it’s a challenge in itself!

After a bit of well-deserved and long-overdue lunch, the teams boarded their transport again to head to the New Course at St Andrews although the planned shorter route via a small boat from North Berwick to Anstruther is kyboshed by the high pressure weather system which has brought 29+C temperatures to this area. The winds have picked up and the boat will not be going. This then means an extra 2 hours on top of the 1 hour planned crossing. The route, around the Edinburgh City by-pass and over the new Forth Road Bridge at rush hour, is painfully slow but at 7:30 pm they are ready to tee-off at the New Course in St Andrews. A short shower of rain greets them midway through the round as the sun begins to dip below the hills behind Guardbridge, and the two teams eventually complete their Challenge at 9:45pm, some 17 hours later and a FitBit busting number of steps! The Jigger Inn has perhaps never seen such an appreciative group of players!

Our immense thanks go to the 8 players for putting their stamina, patience, health and golf swings on the line to complete the ‘Pioneers of the Past Golf Challenge’, to everyone who gave their time and services for free and to everyone who has donated so far. It is really appreciated.

You can see a short video of the whole day here, and please remember that you can donate to help us deliver even more education classes in primary schools by going to

Just a year to go until it all take space again! If you’d like to bid for one of the 4 amateur places next year, please get in touch via the website (

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