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Life Skills Programme

Aligned with Curriculum for Excellence and using the medium of Golf,we show how early pioneers fought adversity and won.

Children participate in fun interactive learning to show how they can become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens – just like the old pioneers did.

We provide all the educational learning booklets, coaching resources and certification.

Educational Life Skills For Children


Children need personal interactions every day which build healthy social skills allowing and understanding of how to communicate with others.

Our Life Skills Programme

Our unique ‘Learn from the Legacy’ Life Skills Programme is specifically designed to be used in schools and has been created for children within higher primary / lower secondary school. Our Life Skills Programme complements the Curriculum for Excellence creating a classroom of confident individuals, responsible citizens, successful learners and effective contributors towards today’s society Our School Programmes are:  

  • The Resilience Programme (Grand Old Man of Golf).
  • The Self-Confidence Programme (Young Tommy Morris of St Andrews).
  • The Perseverance Programme (Willie Park of Musselburgh).


Children need to develop their abilities to understand the feelings and motivations of others.


Children thrive when their learning experience provides engaging material which motivates them.

Self Control

Children thrive on routines and habits which not only create a feeling of security but also help children learn self control.


Children need to learn how to take on challenges and always overcome any obstacle they encounter.

Benefits from our Programmes

  • All our programmes are delivered by the Trust’s Education Ambassador (6 hours)
  • A class teacher’s lesson plan, children’s group learning activity booklets
  • Certification and collateral for children on the day of delivery.
  • Group reading, literacy and numeracy problem-solving tasks for children to complete.
  • The platform to deliver the Curriculum for Excellence in an outdoor environment.
  • The framework to introduce our famous Scottish pioneers and to highlight the contribution they made towards our cultural heritage.

Critical Thinking

Children need to be able to learn how to evaluate information to reach a positive answer or conclusion.

If your school is interested in hosting one of our educational Life Skill Programmes, please get in touch via our Contact Page