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Glenburn Primary School embracing the programme

I had the good fortune to be able to witness our programme in action at Glenburn Primary School in Prestwick, the third of the primary schools our Life Skills Programme has been delivered to. It was a chilly day so the games took place inside the main hall, which was useful as the initial introduction explained on PowerPoint how Prestwick’s children are growing up in one of the most important historical locations in the world of sport.

Watching William in action is an eye-opener. The passion and knowledge he imparts to the children from the first minute he addresses them is clearly visible and the responses from the children were quick and enthusiastic. The children learned that they are now about the same age as Young Tommy Morris was when he began to play golf with rudimentary cut-down clubs amongst the dunes of the course his father had laid out at Prestwick. Young Tommy had the advantage of being schooled at Ayr Academy unlike many other children of his age back then. He walked from Prestwick Cross to Ayr and back every day, a distance none of the children gathered experienced regularly by foot.

The speed at which some of the children’s teams completed some of the tasks was balanced by not reading the questions properly, and this was a useful leveler amongst them all as it will be something that becomes more important to them the older they get. We’re currently applying for grants to keep the charity going and continue this great work, and it’s often been a reminder when completing forms to “Read the guidance, then read the guidance again, then read it again then answer the questions in the guidance then get someone to check it through to see if it really answers the questions”.

Willie’s vision works.

The impact assessment forms from the schools show that we are providing a catalyst for change, enhancing the children’s knowledge of how our golfing pioneers were also a force of change in their sport and how being able to draw on key life skills will be fundamentally important to each and every one of them as they progress through their life.

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