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I would walk 500 miles…

Whilst it’s not 500 miles, it’s a long way from Whitburn to St Andrews as young Tommy and his wife, Margaret Drinnen, found out in 1874 when they decided to relocate to the golfing centre of the world. With his talent and determination, Tommy knew that there would be a better life for them, and any future family, in his father’s home town.

To mark the launch of the Tommy’s Honour Education Trust and honour the legacy of a very famous father and son in golf, the Trust’s founder William Lumsden and his son plan to recreate the journey which Young Tommy Morris made to St Andrews and Old Tom Morris. They will travel initially from Whitburn to Kirkaldy, along the Fife coast and then strike inland to reach St Andrews after (hopefully) 3 days.

There was talk of carrying a set of clubs to help people connect quickly with the message, but we’re thinking a t-shirt might be easier on the shoulders.

Stay tuned for updates.

(Originally posted June 2018)