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It looks flat on a map…

There’s plenty of parts on this coastline which are just not flat. In fact, you need to have your wits about you when the rain is coming down as it was this morning, as some of the paths can be quite muddy, and therefore slippy. At times like this, and with a good few miles ahead of them as they left Kinghorn this morning in typically Scottish autumnal weather, that they remember the qualities and attributes of a certain young man back in the 1800s.

His character, determination and integrity which were nurtured by his astute father are some of the reasons we’re doing this walk. Raising awareness for the Charity and the differences it can make when taught to children as part of the Curriculum is this week’s target: when children are taught about famous Scots, they hear nothing of Tom Morris and the fact that he inspired thousands of golfers to play the game of golf. Over 60 million worldwide now play thanks to the path which pioneers like Tom and his son Tommy followed.

It’s time to bring the history of golf alive for the next generation of champions, so that they can all benefit from the life-skills which the game can teach us. Support William and Reece as they make their way along the path they’ve chosen this week! Tomorrow’s map is above.

(Originally posted September 2018)