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One more day to go…

The number of people who have heard about the Trust has impressed us. We’ve stopped in past a number of Old Tom Morris-designed courses and Clubs along the way and the message is certainly getting out there. Even meeting people on the Fife Coastal Path who have heard about what we are beginning.

Above is the beautiful village of Crail, close to the most easterly point of Fife and reputedly having the driest climate in the UK… and the sunniest… thankfully William and Reece managed to enjoy both as they brought Day 4 to an end (picture

Day five beckons, and the final push towards St Andrews to end up where Young Tommy and Margaret did all those years ago. There’s no record of how long it took them, or what route they chose, but it’s fair to say that William and Reece have made as much commitment to get there as they did. The initial plan of around three days has had to grow, but the commitment shown by the team who have overcome much to achieve this walk has been well worth the effort. Well done!

For how the day ended, see the images and stories which form the rest of the website and the amazing donation which awaited the team at St Andrews.