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Mrs Sheila Walker Donates £56,000 to Tommy's Honour Education


Councillor Harry Cartmill (Chair) gratefully accepts on behalf of the Trust


Extract from Mrs Sheila Walker Letter

…I have pleasure in writing this letter to you giving my full support to the current scheme to formally establish ‘The Tommy’s Honour Education Trust.’

Many people ask what relationship I have to the Morris’s and are bewildered that my name is not Morris. Indeed, there are no descendants from ‘Old Tom’ bearing the name Morris. ‘Old Tom’ married Agnes Bain (1818 – 1876), and they produced five children. Of ‘Old Tom’s’ remaining children only Lizzie married.

When ‘Old Tom’ died in 1908 his five children, wife, son in law, daughter in law had already died. Following ‘Old Toms’ death there were no direct descendants bearing the surname. Any possibility of that ended when ‘Young Tom’s’ baby died.

The ‘Challenge Belt’ which ‘Young Tom’ was presented in 1870 following his three ‘open’ wins in 1868, 1896 and 1870 should have descended down through his own family. Consequently, my grandfather, Bruce Hunter, and his three sisters gifted it in 1908 to the R and A where it is on display to this day. It is well known and there are memorials to ‘Old Tom’ and ‘Young Tom’ in St. Andrews.

…..the mission was the creation of a charitable, non-profit education scheme ……at its core were the philosophy of the ‘legacies’ of ‘Old Tom’ and ‘Young Tom.’ And, so significantly, we have a very different type of memorial – not of stone, leather, iron or bronze, but manifesting itself in young people today. ‘Old Tom’ and ‘Young Tom’ would have thought this a most splendid idea.

….then in June 2017 a film was released entitled  ‘Tommy’s Honour’ (about ‘Young Toms’ staggering achievements during a life of only 24 years), based on the book by Kevin Cook and produced by Jim Kreutzer. 

David joins me in fully supporting the current plans and ideas.

Your sincerely, Sheila M Walker,  (M. A, M. LITT, M.C.L.I.P.)


Croftmalloch Primary School, Whitburn, West Lothian 2018


Mrs S Little, Primary 5 class teacher, Croftmalloch Primary School, Whitburn, West Lothian, 2018

‘Since the delivery of the pilot day I have seen an improvement in the life-skills in all the children during class activities. Tommy’s name is still being used within the classroom today’

Mrs C Hay headteacher

Mrs C Hay, Head teacher, Croftmalloch Primary School, Whitburn, West Lothian. 2018

I am delighted that the day was a big success. The children all had a great time discovering about Tommy Morris’

Actual responses by children from Croftmalloch School Primary 5 when asked when asked “what did you enjoy the most” ? (about our programme).

  • I enjoyed learning about Tommy Morris because it showed you to be yourself.
  • My favourite part was the rounders because I learned a new skill.
  • I learned that Tommy Morris was entitled to keep the Challenge Belt.
  • I liked throwing the ball to the other person because it got harder and harder.
  • My favourite thing was the activity where you had to work out the answers to the maths sums and then you had to run up the hill and try and find the answers.
  • I enjoyed the race to find the cones because it made my heart pump and I love running.
  • My favourite part was looking for the cones you needed – it was fun.
  • My favourite activity was when you had to use the club to hit the cones then once hit you.
  • You had to spell the word ‘golf prodigy’. You then had to turn the cone over and they had maths questions which got harder and harder. I love maths
  • The golf rounders were creative and very enjoyable.
  • I loved the golf rounders because we used a golf club to hit the golf ball far.

Greenburn Golf Club

“The educational initiative you have attached to the programme is no less than inspirational and the feedback received from all concerned has been excellent.

Management committee are very proud to have been presented with the opportunity to be involved with such a ground- breaking pilot project.”

David Smith, Parent

“My kids certainly gained an appreciation and love for the game of golf like nothing before.

…..from the pioneers of golf playing silly bodkins around the streets of St Andrews, to feathery balls and hickory sticks, to the Morris and the Park families.”

Michell O’Neill, Parent

“After just one lesson my son Sean came home and said it’s the most fun, he has ever had in any golf activities he has taken part in. Well done”.

Verity Munro, Parent

“Harris has loved his time during the first two lessons but unfortunately, he will miss the next two but still wants to do the home-learning tasks and challenges which he is loving. Thank you for this, as a teacher I can appreciate all the hard work and effort you have put into this project”. 


Kevin Cook, Author, ‘Tommy’s Honour’  

“We are pleased and proud to be a small part of Tommy’s Honour Education Trust. Your big heart honours what I tried to do with the book and the film.”


Jack Lowden (played Young Tommy Morris in the Film)

Jack was invited to join us at the screening of the of the film Tommy’s Honour “I would have been there but I’m down in London doing a play till the middle of December, but I hope it goes well.  All the best.  Jack”