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The Father and Son story, take #2

We are delighted to announce the Charity Walk is confirmed and taking place in a few weeks time!

To launch the Charity officially and pay respect to the legacy of golf’s founding father and son, the Trust’s founder William Lumsden and his son Reece will be recreating the journey made by Tommy Morris and his new bride Margaret Morris (Drinnen).They left the Parish of Whitburn, West Lothian to return to St Andrews after their marriage on the 25th November 1874. William and Reece will be walking it though – no horse and trap like the old days!

Leaving Whitburn on Sunday 23rd September, they will be joined by the Trust’s David Smith (Chairman) and Harry Cartmill (Vice-chairman) on the first leg of the journey to North Queensferry. I think everyone would accept that using the Bridge is a fair compromise, although we must not forget that Tommy and Margaret probably had to go the long way round, given the luggage they may have had. A row boat may not have been a sensible idea!

(Originally posted September 2018)