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The launch of the Charity falls on Young Tommy’s birthday

Thoughts are things.

When we talk about being on a journey today, it doesn’t really compare with the physically arduous task that Young Tommy Morris and his wife, Margaret Drinnen, embarked upon when deciding to move from Whitburn to St Andrews in 1874.

Young Tommy was at the time the leading golfer in the world, and his decision to return to St Andrews and his family was no doubt linked to the opportunities which would reveal themselves once surrounded by gentlemen golfers. He would play for himself, and also for sponsors, in highly contested wagers as well as representing himself and his father against all-comers.

The move to St Andrews then was by horse and trap, then perhaps onto an early train or connection by small boat to eventually climb into the back of another horse and trap to arrive at the front door of their new house in the town. These were not today’s “journeys” espoused by stardom-seeking light entertainment. These were physical upheavals, with no certain future and geographical displacement. The life that Tommy and Margaret set out for themselves was one that would see them step into history.

We’re delighted that the Tommy’s Honour Education Trust was born at the same time of year as young Tommy himself arrived. We hope that somewhere on a fairway far above that he’s happy to see how the bond between him and his father, and family, is being shown to children today as a means of improving their character and life skills to help them in the years to come.