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Tommys Honour Screenings

Tommy's Honour Official Trailer (2017)

Screenings of Tommy’s Honour


The Trust is truly honoured to present golf clubs with the opportunity to host educational screenings of the film ‘Tommy’s Honour’.

This film is based on the dramatic story of golf’s founding father and son, Old Tom and Young Tommy Morris of St Andrews, and helps us to introduce our cultural heritage to a wider audience.

The Trust will provide all the resources and technical support to deliver the film in a professional manner. This provides the Golf Club with the platform to concentrate on maximising this opportunity, and look into ways of generating income through bar / food sales etc.

Tommy’s Honour Hosting pack


In agreeing to host a screening of the film the Trust will provide

PDF promotional posters to encourage members, guests.

Posters to engage with the local community to advertise the screening time, place etc.

PDF of printed tickets to gain entry to the screening.

Brochures promoting the mission of the Trust.

Jim Kruetzer